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Controlling bacteria

An effective technology that can deliver accurate in-field evaluations of bacterial presence within minutes.

Bacterial bioburden measurement

Finding the correct bacterial contamination to treat water is key to the oil industry.

Robust technology delivers accurate in-field evaluations of bacterial presence and activity minutes after sampling. This secures a rapid geographical bacteria survey on an entire field or production equipment sequence to determine the extent of bacterial contamination within one day. Fast, on-site results can characterize biocide effectiveness, evaluate the biostability of the water, and monitor the microbiology that may cause corrosion, souring, or fouling.

Results can be obtained in as little as 10 minutes with a sensitivity < 100 CFU/ml. The technology is applicable across a range of water types and sources, and the analysis is not compromised by the presence of chemicals, tannins, algae, clays, or other materials.

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BactiQuant products

A unique combination of handheld and online technology.


For water types like; produced and flowback water, formation water, recycled water, sea water.

Biocide optimization

Seawater injection

MIC spot sampling

Produced water quility

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